Home Modification Loan Program

CEDAC on behalf of the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission (MRC) seeks Provider Agencies to administer the Home Modification Loan Program (HMLP) on a regional basis. Please view the RFP for more details. Also see Appendix A, the HMLP Guidelines used to administer the program. And Appendix B, a list of the cities and towns in the Commonwealth by current HMLP region. Proposals are due on April 24, 2019 by 12 noon. Any proposals received after this date and time will not be considered. All questions regarding this RFP would be directed to Susan Gillam, sgillam@cedac.org or 617-727-5944.

The Home Modification Loan Program (HMLP), a program of the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission, was established by the Massachusetts Legislature to assist homeowners and small landlords to fund the necessary changes to keep disabled or elderly family members in their own homes and communities.

For example, the program has funded ramps and lifts, kitchen and bathroom modifications, sensory spaces, fencing, hand rails, brighter lighting, the widening of doorways, and floor renovations. HMLP can also be used to create additional living space and accessory dwelling units. Modifications can be the difference between keeping a disabled or elderly family member at home as opposed to relocating the individual to a long-term health care facility. Homeowners who are income-eligible may borrow up to $50,000 (inclusive of all costs) in a no interest deferred payment loan. Please note owners of manufactured or mobile homes may borrow up to $30,000.

How to Apply
1. Complete the HMLP Application

Review the program's information package. If you have questions, contact your local provider agency. Complete and submit all application documents to the regional provider.

2. Identify a Qualified General Contractor

Applicants are responsible for finding, hiring and managing their chosen contractor. Although the program does not recommend specific contractors, if assistance is needed applicants can contact their regional provider.

3. Loan Closing

Once the HMLP Application is complete, including the completed bid form by the chosen contractor, a program construction monitor will conduct an inspection with the homeowner and contractor. Next the applicant reviews and signs the loan documents.

4. Construction Begins

Once the mortgage is recorded funds can be requested. Once the regional provider receives the loan funding, project funds can be requested by the homeowner. Loan funds are disbursed in increments based on invoices submitted throughout the modification project.

Step by Step: The Home Modification Loan Program

For more information, please call Susan Gillam at 1-866-500-5599.

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